Tall Stool

Title: Tall Stool

Caption: Pecan top

Short stool is 18" tall for use at a desk or table. Top shown is reclaimed Long Leaf Pine from a building built in 1890. Top adjusts up and down by spinning. Highlight of the reclaimed long leaf pine top. Medium Stool is 21" tall with adjustment of 4-6". Top shown is Sinker Cypress pulled from a river in Mississippi.  Stools are made from cold rolled steel bar. Highlight of the Sinker Cypress top Tall stool is 28" tall for use at a bar or standing work station. Top Adjusts up and down 6".  Top shown is salvaged Texas Pecan from a tree that was buned in the Bastrop fires of 2011. Pecan top Detail showing the bronze bushing detail on the threaded center rod. Rod is 3/4" diameter and allows the stool to spin and adjust up and down smoothly.  Adjustable height stool made from waxed cold rolled steel bar and turned spalted Pecan top.
Stool adjusts 24"-30" with a 12" round seat.  Stool can be made to different heights and fixed or adjustable. Protective rubber feet are provided.  Detail of steel and Pecan top Fixed height stool made from waxed steel bar and walnut top.
Stool is 20" tall with 12" dia. top. Detail